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Telangana: A boon granted by the Mother?



An approximate translation of what’s written on the board would be,
“ This.. is a boon granted by The Mother!
The long lasting dream for Telangana has finally been realized..
All the people of Telangana are truly grateful to the UPA President Mrs. Sonia   Gandhi for granting us the boon of a separate state for the Telangana region.
We are in debt to our leader for fulfilling our long lasting desire (for Telangana)”

After the announcement of the decision taken by the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to form the state of Telangana, a series of such bill boards were put up in one the busiest junctions in Hyderabad.  Upon seeing these boards, the first question that ran through my mind was, how can any individual in a people’s democracy, with a Government of the people, by the people and for the people, grant a “boon”?  Or more accurately, why would any elected representative or political party adopt such a rhetoric, in a nation that is supposed to be using a series of democratic processes to address the issues its people face?

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