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Quora Question: Would you rather vote for AAP, which looks promising, but probably has no chance of winning or vote for BJP under NaMo in 2014? And why?


herd unites

(The herd unites to chase away the predator.)

I find the most popular sentiment here fairly disturbing. Especially the concluding statement of the highest rated answer, “In short, voting for the AAP in national elections is as good as voting the Congress. If you want the status quo by all means vote for the AAP. But, you can be honest and just vote for INC if that is your intention.”

I have a friend who is a great admirer of Narendra Modi and the work he has done in Gujarat, but the BJP candidate of his locality is a complete crook, should he still vote for this guy for the “greater good?”  On a more personal note, I really admire Dr Jayaprakash Narayan and the vision he has for our country. But does that mean I should vote for any crook/fool/puppet that might don a Lok Satta scarf with JP’s picture on it, simply cause he represents a party founded by a man I greatly admire? Absolutely not. I suspect that Dr JP himself would say that no one should ever vote for a candidate because they happen to represent someone you hero worship or because they adorn a symbol you religiously follow.

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Telangana: A boon granted by the Mother?



An approximate translation of what’s written on the board would be,
“ This.. is a boon granted by The Mother!
The long lasting dream for Telangana has finally been realized..
All the people of Telangana are truly grateful to the UPA President Mrs. Sonia   Gandhi for granting us the boon of a separate state for the Telangana region.
We are in debt to our leader for fulfilling our long lasting desire (for Telangana)”

After the announcement of the decision taken by the Congress Working Committee (CWC) to form the state of Telangana, a series of such bill boards were put up in one the busiest junctions in Hyderabad.  Upon seeing these boards, the first question that ran through my mind was, how can any individual in a people’s democracy, with a Government of the people, by the people and for the people, grant a “boon”?  Or more accurately, why would any elected representative or political party adopt such a rhetoric, in a nation that is supposed to be using a series of democratic processes to address the issues its people face?

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