Notes from My Presentation at the World Bank’s Global Youth Forum


World Bank’s Global Youth Forum 2016 – STTI at Washington D.C.

The premise on which our organization is based is that-
the capacity to appreciate nuance, and
the responsibility to always stay socially involved,
should be intrinsic features of the cultural fabric that binds us all.

Creating this culture, should be an institutional role of our education systems. However, I think its fair to say that our education systems are failing to carry out this specific institutional role.

Now why does this matter?

It matters because- when you have a populace that lacks the capacity to appreciate nuance and is systemically disengaged from civic life as a consequence of this institutional failure.

(1) Democracy is threatened- because of an environment conducive to the rise of populist and fascist forces.

(2) The ideal of inclusive prosperity is compromised- as skill based income inequality drives an economic wedge into our communities. and

(3) The pursuit of necessary progress is hindered – on issues like climate change and sustainable development- as ignorance and inaction increasingly become valued as virtues.

In short, it’s imperative for there to be a structured, institutional effort to promote critical thought and civic engagement- in order for us to have sustained peace, prosperity and progress as a society. And this is what our organization has been working on with high schools in India.